1. Sometimes what we want…isn’t what the world needs.

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  2. carved pearls, Shinji Nakaba


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    Gene Gonzales


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    These tattoos belong to myself and my fiance. Done by Gabriel Guerra when he was at Untouchable Tattoos in Orange Park, Florida (he has since moved to his own shop, GrimmWerksTattoos in Mandarin, FL.)

    We have wanted to get tattoos together for years now and finally got them. I have a waxing crescent moon and he has a waning gibbous. We each have a part of a lyric from our song written in the others hand writing. 

    I adore him and them so much <3

  6. #tbt to two years ago, being an RA and adorable.

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    joan watson or jamie moriarty

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    STORM, CAPTAIN MARVEL, WONDER WOMAN & SHE HULK by - http://rahzzah.deviantart.com/gallery/

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